Work from home opportunity!

I took a break from teaching in the public school system to stay home with my kids. I decided to start a part-time daycare to make some money while staying home with the babies. Well, after a couple months it just wasn’t cutting it. I also discovered it really wasn’t for me. I knew I had to sacrifice something, but I really didn’t want to be confined to my house. I went to Indeed.com to search for some work at home opportunities for educators. What I found literally seemed too good to be true.


I teach children in China online every morning! VIPKID is a company that provides children in China access to an English curriculum, taught by native English speaking teachers! All you need is a college degree and SOME experience with children. Never been a teacher? Nannies, babysitters, coaches, and even parents all qualify!

Hours: Because of the time difference in China, the hours can be VERY early for some (west coast of the US). I live on the east coast, so I teach from 5:30am-8:00am every day.

Pay: The pay ranges from $18-$22 an hour. It varies depending on each applicant’s experience and interview. You get paid per class you teach which is 25 minutes (so ideally you’d fit 2 classes into 1 hour).

Landing the job: The application process is VERY intensive. I knocked it out within 4 or 5 days, but it requires some commitment. At first, I really thought it was a joke. I decided to go through with it and complete the initial interview via a Skype type platform with a person who was in China. I taught a mock lesson with materials that were already given to me beforehand. After the initial interview and lesson, you have a choice to complete a mock lesson or do the “Interview Express” where you film a 5 minute video and complete a quiz on ESL (English as a Second Language) skills! The great thing about the application process is that you can use a referral code from a previous VIPKID teacher who will help you through the process! (If you’d like to use my code, we can chat via e-mail to work through the process!)

What do I need to have to be a VIPKID teacher? It’s likely that you’ll have all you need in your home already! All you need is a computer with a good webcam, some props, and wifi! As you teach more and more classes, you will eventually add more props and maybe a cute backdrop.

Click here to apply! 

Use my referral code (025P1W) and I will personally help you through the application process.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions before applying or if you would like me to make any more VIPKID related posts! Thanks to VIPKID I can stay at home with my babies and blog about them all day!


XO Kayla


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