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10 Essentials for the Diaper Bag

After two kids I definitely feel as though I have got the “essentials” down when it comes to the diaper bag. By the time my daughter was 18 months old I wasn’t even carrying a diaper bag (keep wipes and diapers in the car). There were many times I felt I had TOO much stuff in the diaper bag that I couldn’t even find what I was looking for. So, here it goes!


If you’re interested in my diaper bag, click here to take a look. I switched from a traditional tote style diaper bag to a backpack after having my second baby. I HIGHLY recommend that because it is much easier to carry the carseat, hold the toddler’s hand and put the diaper bag on your back!

  1. Diapers and wipes (obviously).
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Water bottle (for yourself and baby depending on their age!)
  4. Burp cloths/muslin blankets: I typically prefer to use the muslin blankets for everything, including if there’s a little spit up. The burp cloths can get bulky because you’d usually want to pack a few since they’re small.
  5. Snacks for both you and baby (I may have eaten Bailey’s goldfish one too many times) Click here to grab my personal favorite snack cup!
  6. A few toys (and definitely a coloring book and crayons if you’ve a toddler!) I don’t know why I JUST thought about throwing a coloring book in the diaper bag but it has been a life saver! Whether we’re sitting at a restaurant or in a store for too long, it’s definitely come in handy.
  7. Extra outfit for baby
  8. Light blanket (again, I like to use the muslin ones) Click here to check out my favorite Aden and Anais blankets!
  9. Bibs: I have forgotten bibs so many times and I just cringe at the thought of giving my 6 month old baby food without them.
  10. Plastic bags: We can all hope that there is a public trash can around when we’re changing a dirty diaper, but I have found myself in numerous situations where I’ve got a poopy diaper on my hands and nowhere else to put it. The plastic bag at least gives you something to keep the diaper in until you find a trash can!

***BONUS: Baby wrap! A lightweight wrap like the Solly Baby Wrap fits right into the diaper bag and only takes up as much space as a small blanket!

These diaper bag must-haves are probably very obvious to many, but as a new mom I had no idea what I NEEDED until I was out and about and realized I had everything I didn’t need rather than what I actually needed.

What are you diaper bag must-haves or hacks?!



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