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My VBAC Story

When I was pregnant (both times) I loved reading birth stories, so I wanted to share my experience as well, in hopes it might help someone else.

When I got pregnant with my second baby, the first question I got from many people was, “are you going to schedule your repeat c-section?” I never even thought I would have a c-section to begin with. It didn’t cross my mind as a possibility when I was pregnant with my first. Well, goes to show that you can’t plan everything, especially birth! I didn’t have an enjoyable c-section experience, so this made me want a vaginal delivery even more! (The c-section story will come in a later post)

About a week before my due date, I began feeling painful contractions that came every five minutes. I went to the hospital, they sent me home. I wasn’t dilated enough. I felt like I was dying all through the night, so I went back in the morning and they, once again, sent me home. I still wasn’t dilating even though I had contractions only a few minutes apart. I went to the hospital ONE MORE TIME and still got sent home. I thought, “Is this normal? Am I supposed to be feeling contractions that make me stop breathing for THREE DAYS?” Apparently for some women, this does happen! I hadn’t gone through this experience before so it’s like my body felt that this was the first time I was having a baby. My first baby was induced and ended up as a c-section so I had painful contractions for maybe 2 hours. During these three days, I thought many times that I should just have scheduled a c-section and avoided this pain. This pain that I can’t even describe because it hurt so much. I tried laying in the bathtub, going for walks, rolling on a ball, taking medicine to help me sleep, to no avail.

FINALLY, I went to my 39 week appointment the morning after getting sent home from the hospital for the 3rd time, and the doctor checked me. My water broke on the table. HALLELUJAH. Time to go.

We headed to the hospital and I got the drugs almost immediately. After 3 days of these painful contractions, I knew I would have no energy for pushing a baby out. JK I planned to get the epidural either way, but the energy thing was true too!!

It wasn’t soon after that, that the nurses asked me to start “practice” pushing. Of course during all of these practice pushes I kept asking the nurses, “did I poop!?” They kept saying no..I don’t know if I believe them to this day but I’ll go with it. This was another concern of mine when thinking about having a vaginal delivery. You’re lying if you didn’t think about this too! HA! Forty minutes later, my son, Harper was born. The feeling of him coming out after all of that misery was a feeling I will never forget. It was a different feeling than when my daughter was born via c-section. Both wonderful feelings, but both so different. This is why I am so happy that I got to experience both. I am thankful that I was able to have a successful VBAC, when many women can’t. If you ARE a good candidate for a VBAC, I would highly recommend trying as long as your doctor gives you the “ok!”


Recovery from a C-Section vs Vaginal Delivery

This was a common question that was asked. Everyone wanted to know which recovery was more painful. The truth is, is that both recoveries were very painful. Obviously with my c-section, my abdomen hurt for a long time. But with my vaginal delivery, EVERYTHING down there hurt. It hurt to sit. Hurt to pee. Hurt when I put the subway sandwich array of crap into the mesh underwear. Sitting was probably the worst. I had to lay down whenever I wasn’t sitting up and breastfeeding (even the couch hurt to sit on). So….I would actually say that the vaginal delivery hurt more for ME. Everyone’s recovery is different, so this is not how it is for everyone, I’m sure. I also tore A LOT which contributed to my pain. I truly hope I didn’t scare anyone but I’m keeping it real and that’s important to me. Either way, any birth is a magical experience so congratulations if you’re about to embark on the wonderful adventure of motherhood!




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