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5 Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Here are 5 EASY and (mostly) mess-free activities to do with your little one on the cold, rainy, or lazy days! I have done all of these with my little girl and we are always searching for fun things to do inside that are easy, clean, and last more than five minutes!

  1. Cook! You might think this is going to be messy but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re already cooking and need to occupy your little one at the same time, have them join you! My mom taught me to just give my toddler a big mixing bowl and some random ingredients, and let her whisk away! The kiddos don’t have to actually help YOU cook, but they think that they are 🙂 They love adding spices, dry macaroni, oats, and other DRY ingredients. If you want to add liquid ingredients, good luck! 😉
  2. Pipe cleaner bracelets: I don’t know why I didn’t think of this easy activity sooner (thanks, Mom!) but it’s been a game changer. It never gets old. I leave a bin in the closet with beads and pipe cleaners and whenever we’re in the mood for crafting we usually grab this! Bailey makes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and jewelry for her dolls. It’s adorable. And easy.


3. White board and markers: Seems simple, but it is. Kids love simple. And as a elementary school teacher, I KNOW that kids do not get easily bored with a marker and white board. I gave Bailey one of my white boards from my old classroom and she drew on it for at LEAST 20 minutes. That’s saying a lot for a 2 year old. Wiping it clean and starting over seemed like the most fun to her. Give it a try, let me know how your toddlers do!


4. Play-Doh: Now this can get messy, but there are SO many ways to make play-doh more fun. You don’t need all the special little play-doh cutters and toys that come with play-doh sets. Before we got a huge play-doh set, I let me daughter use an old IKEA pizza cutter and some of our cookie cutters. She LOVED it. I mean, she sat for a LONG time playing with this play-doh. Bonus**If your child still sits in a high chair, I found this the easiest way to clean up play-doh. It can get messy if your kid is like mine and enjoys making little balls and throwing them everywhere.

We keep all of our play-doh stuff in a container inside our pantry closet (you see that IKEA pizza cutter?!)

5. Stamps: This is my alternative if I don’t feel like busting out the favorite activity (which for Bailey is paint!) Stamps are so much fun and can most definitely keep my toddler’s attention. We have the Melissa and Doug Stamp Set which you can grab HERE! I love how many stamps come in this set as well as the wooden box that can easily store the stamps. I moved my stamps to a large zip lock baggy for easier storage. As we grow our stamp collection I’m going to put them in a large plastic container like the one above.


Other indoor activities we do…

  • books
  • puzzles
  • coloring
  • paint
  • dress-up

I hope some of these ideas helped you think of some activities to do with your toddler! We are so busy as moms that sometimes over think the simplest of activities that kids really enjoy! Let me know what other activities you do with your toddler indoors!


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