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stay at home mom: homeschooling a toddler

Even though I am a school teacher and received my Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I did not jump on the opportunity to start teaching my daughter Bailey (2.5 years old). I believe in play as the most effective way of learning at this young age. On the other hand, I do know that every child is different and needs different things. My daughter is a high-energy kid who rarely takes a nap. She’s a “go, go go” type of person (much like I am). Because of this, I have been working on finding ways to calm her down and do some quiet, structured activities. I’m a stay (work) at home mom so Bailey doesn’t go to daycare. She doesn’t have to sit at the table with her friends and eat snack, or sit at circle time. This makes it a little more difficult at home because she doesn’t understand why I ask her to sit still. She’s in her own home. Isn’t that for running around and playing? I’m sending her to a part-time preschool for the 2018-1019 school year. I want her to be as prepared as possible.

My first day of trying a small “home-school learning sesh” lasted FIVE MINUTES (if that). I know it’s something we’ll have to keep practicing and incorporating into our daily routine. The TV has become such a crutch for me as a mom. I need to do laundry, feed the baby, cook lunch, clean, stay on top of potty training, etc. Putting on a television show or movie has really given me the time to do those things. Because of this, Bailey has a hard time focusing on anything else. She needs a screen, a tv, and iPad. She is two and a half. And I’m upset at myself for letting it get this bad! Today marks the attempt to do a learning sesh every day and limit the TV as much as I can. And I say “learning sesh” because I am starting small. I’m not expecting my two year old to sit still for that long. I want to get in the habit and begin to gradually increase our time during the activities.

Here is the activity that we did today. It took me 30 seconds to draw on this big paper and grab some goldfish. This was a little experiment to see how we’d do 🙂

We (mostly me) colored the A, the apple, and started tracing the letter.
We used the goldfish to trace the letter A.
Took a sharpie and quickly drew this up on some large paper.


My Weekly Plan: Each week I will focus on one color, one letter, and one number. I am going to create easy activities that require minimal prep. These activities will be engaging (hopefully) and will always include music, food, and/or art. As I create printables, I will post them on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

In the meantime, check out my store here!

Something that I’ve always tried to do, which I’m sure most parents do, is incorporate some type of learning into the activities that their children are already doing. Whenever I paint with my daughter, we talk about colors, write numbers and letters, and pictures.

Today we painted using shape sponges. We only used 2 colors and 3 shapes. I find this much easier to discuss the colors and shapes because there is less for her to look at. Even at this young of an age, kids thrive off of praise. I know that Bailey knows the color pink because it’s her favorite, so I made sure to include pink so that she’d get some confidence out of at least recognizing one color. She did identify blue too so it was a success!


How do you incorporate learning into your toddler’s everyday activities?


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