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8 months old already!? This is hard to imagine, but it’s been amazing watching Harper grow and learn so much over the past few months. This post will consist of breastfeeding updates, sleep, baby led weaning (and purees), growth and development, and favorite baby products at this stage! 

Breastfeeding Updates: Harper is still nursing every three hours or so during the day and during the night. Sometimes he’ll go longer but it just depends on his mood. I’d say he’s a “snacker” which can be quite challenging when we’re out and about. He only ever nurses for a few minutes at a time. An odd thing that has been going on is that he refuses to nurse on my right side (unless it’s a night feeding). This has been extremely frustrating because my supply has seemed to drop on that side. I end up having to pump a few times a day just so I don’t fully lose what’s only about 2 ounces of milk each time I pump. Any advice for this would be greatly appreciated!

Sleep: Harper is NOT sleeping through the night. He still nurses every three hours or so. Last month we purchased the Dock A Tot and it has been a game changer. Before he slept in that, he would be up every hour, just fussing until he was picked up. I ended up determining that he was just uncomfortable. This is what I think it is, so I’m going to go with it because he sleeps better now! ha! Yes, sleeping three hours at a time is much better than before! Lucky for me, he does take 2-3 naps per day totaling about three hours a day. Some naps are shorter and some are longer. He’ll stay awake for 2-3 hours before his next nap. It’s not easy getting him to sleep because I still rock him to sleep, but it’s nice when he is finally napping.

Baby Food: Harper eats purees, but I try to incorporate baby led weaning as well. I buy the baby food pouches for the most part because they’re easy for when we’re out. Sometimes I make homemade baby food. My favorites to make are “avocado and peaches” & “sweet potatoes and cinnamon”. The table food we like to feed him includes: avocado, mango (in a fruit cup–super soft!), blueberries, strawberries, green beans, and peas. We also feed Harper puffs and yogurt melts. He loves those!

Growth & Development: Harper is now crawling all over the place. He likes to stand (assisted) as well! He enjoys grabbing at everything and of course, putting it in his mouth. I’ve caught him with one too many of my daughter’s elastic hair ties! I have to keep my eyes on him at all time and I guess set the baby gates back up!

Baby products: I finally took all of the swings out of my house. All I have left is a little seat that can recline back or sit straight up for a toddler. He sits in that when I’m showering because again, I can’t let him crawl all over the house. He still has his Fisher Price jumper, but doesn’t like to sit in it for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. We also have a walker, but he’s not into that yet either. We love the VTech Learning Walker, his Sophie the Giraffe, anything chewable, and building blocks! He likes watching Baby Einstein and Mickey Mouse too!

That’s about it for Harper’s 8 month update! Nursing mamas, PLEASE give me some tips on that “only nurse from one side” issue! Thanks for stopping by 🙂






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