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DockATot Deluxe Review

The DockATot is by far one of my favorite baby products. I wish that I had it for my first baby. This review discusses both the pros and the cons. I absolutely love this product but of course, nothing is perfect. 



  1. Comfort. The DockATot mimics the feeling of being held tight. There’s a cushion on the bottom in addition to the soft pillow that surrounds the DockATot. When I lay my son in it, it seems as if he feels like he’s still being held. For a kid that only likes to sleep in mama’s arms, this is the kind of bed you want!
  2. Breathability. The DockATot has super breathable material so that even if the baby’s face is pushed against the bottom or the side, they can still breathe. My son is 8 months old and flips all over the place now. Sometimes he’s on his back and sometime’s he snuggles up on his tummy.
  3. Portable: Goodbye pack and play! The DockATot is so light and small that you can just take it around the house with you, or on vacay! Sometimes my son sleeps in my bed, so I bring the DockATot in bed and use it as a co-sleeper. It’s nice to know that all you need for sleep when traveling is this little pillow. I even take it to my mom’s house sometimes if I know I’ll be there all day. I just lay it on the floor in the guest room and he can nap there just fine!
  4. Colors: If you care about the appearance of your kid’s bed, you can most definitely choose different patterns! The DockATot is covered by a pillowcase that zips all around it. There are many patterns to choose from, but I chose white because I like the white backgrounds for taking photos.
  5. Washable. It’s so easy to wash the pillow case. Throw it in the washer on delicate (they suggest in a wash bag) and then lightly dry on low heat. I’ve had to wash mine twice already. Baby’s spit up and pee through their jammies. It’s only a matter of time!
  6. Versatile: The DockATot can be used for tummy time or play area for your little one. Since it’s so easy to travel with, I just brought it down into the living room to let my son play in it. It helped him sit up when he was a little wobbly!
  7. DockATot Grand: I am currently using the DockATot Deluxe with my son, which is for babies ages 0-9 months. The Grand if for 9 months up to 3 years! This is a huge PLUS for me. A long term bed all in the DockATot? Yes, please.


  1. Safety: DockATot suggests that this be used as a co-sleeper or for supervised sleeping. DockATot does not suggest this to be placed inside the child’s crib. This could deter parents from buying it if they’re looking for a sleep solution for bedtime (and don’t want to co-sleep). I do let my son sleep in the DockATot at night, in his crib as long as he’s wearing the Owlet Smart Sock. This is really up to the parent so do some research and if you don’t feel comfortable using this in the crib, don’t! I’ve also read ideas of putting the DockATot on the floor in the nursery (until your baby can crawl of course). See my review for the sock HERE.
  2. Cost. The DockATot Deluxe in white sells for $175.00. You can check it out here at Amazon. That is pretty expensive for a baby bed that only lasts until the baby is about 9 months old, especially if your baby doesn’t get much use out of it.
  3. Returns: I have read that once it’s opened it’s not returnable. This could be a problem if your baby doesn’t like it. I would suggest re-selling it or giving it to a friend.

I truly love this product and most definitely think the pros outweigh the cons. I hope this review was helpful! Feel free to leave a comment if you have a particular question 🙂


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