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Wink Naturals Review

One of the biggest struggles for me when it comes to my children is SLEEP. When Paige Rowand from Wink Naturals  offered to send me some all natural products to help my kids sleep, I screamed “YESSS PLEASEEE!!” I did some reading up on the company and their products. I also discussed the sleep issues that both of my kids have with Paige. She chose one product for each of my kids to try. This is an honest review as I have tried similar products on my kids.


My daughter is almost 3 and my son is almost 9 months old. Both still wake up throughout the night. Each child has their own situation so I’m going to discuss both of my kids’ situations and my review of the Wink Naturals products.

My daughter, Bailey,  is almost 3. We pretty much co-slept off and on until recently. She started climbing out of her crib at 16 months old and never looked back. We tried many variations of sleep training. We even tried the intense cry it out method when she was 18 months old but it was awful and didn’t work for her. Now at 2 1/2 years old, we can get her to sleep in her bed initially, but she wakes up multiple times throughout the night attempting to come into my bed. My husband walks her back to her room which can either turn into a scream fest or work out fine.

Paige sent me the Sleep Melts for kids. Bailey doesn’t have an issue falling asleep UNLESS she has taken a nap that day. She rarely naps unless she falls asleep in the car. She’s been this way since about 18 months old. I know, it’s crazy. Anyways, if she DOES take a nap, no matter how long or short, she will fight sleep until 9pm or so. Her normal bedtime is 7pm. I thought maybe these sleep melts would help her go to bed on those days. Well, they DID! I gave one to her 30 minutes before bed and she was asleep by 7:00. My downfall to this product is that it didn’t help her stay asleep. I know that isn’t what melatonin is for, but I was hopeful. After giving the melts to her everyday even if she didn’t nap, I didn’t see a reason to give them to her on the days I knew she would fall asleep. If your child does have a hard time falling asleep, I would highly recommend these! Knowing that the ingredients are all natural makes me feel much better about using them.


My son Harper is almost 9 months old. He still nurses throughout the night. Lately it has been every 2 hours, which is as you can imagine, EXHAUSTING. I tell myself it must be teething, or he just wants comfort, or is he hungry? I was sent the Cool Gums Teething Gel by Paige. She told me to keep it in the refrigerator to keep it cool which can ease the teething pain. I have been giving it to my son before bed and throughout the day and I honestly can’t tell the difference. He still wakes up all night and whines. I’m sure the gel eases his pain a little bit but at this point I am not sure what is causing it. If you are looking for an all natural teething gel, this is a good one! I like that it’s all natural and there is no preservatives or unnecessary additives in it. I am going to continue giving it to him before bed because that’s when he’s the most fussy. If anyone has any other tips on getting this kid to sleep, send them my way!


Visit Wink Naturals by Paige to see these products and many other all natural products for your little ones as well as yourself! Thanks for reading and thank you Paige for letting me try out these products!!


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