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5 Must-haves for your 6-9 month old

My son is now 9 months old so I figured it’s time to talk about my favorite products during the stage from 6-9 months. I really have so many products that I love, but I limited it to the top 5 things I think have been very helpful! Having a 6-9 month old can be challenging because they’re learning to crawl, stand up, and get into things. Please let me know in the comments below what you found helpful and what suggestions you have for this stage, as well as up to 12 months! 

  1. Sophie the Giraffe (still!) This teething toy is so great that it made it on this list AND my must-haves for your 3-6 month old! See that post HERE!                                     Click here to grab the giraffe at Amazon!

Sophie La Girafe - So Pure Teether Giraffe

2. Puffs or yogurt melts–I always kept these on hand in the house as well as the diaper bag.

You can actually find the Gerber puffs at the dollar store (thanks, Mom!) And there are always coupons for Gerber products if you go to a regular grocery store 🙂

3. Disposable placemat--I kept these in the diaper bag and they came in so handy when going out to eat. They stick to the table and are an easy clean up! Chic-fil-a actually has these that you can use when you eat there 🙂 I have the Mickey Mouse ones. You can grab some here at Amazon!

4. Double Umbrella Stroller–I got a double umbrella stroller to keep in the trunk of my car. It has come in handy so many times. I typically wear my son in the Solly wrap or the Ergo, but sometimes it’s just easier to put him in a stroller along with my daughter. You can get one similar to mine here at Amazon. I found one of the most affordable ones because I knew I wasn’t going to use it as my primary stroller. I have a double jogger at home for walks to the park, zoo, etc.


5. Outdoor blanket–This was so important to me because as it warmed up outside, my toddler wanted to go to the park/playground. My son would crawl around and stick dirt and grass into his mouth. I got an outdoor blanket and just brought it with me whenever we went outdoors. I placed some snacks and toys on there, and he typically stayed on it for awhile! Of course there are times he ventures off, but it definitely helps to have that when we’re out! Get one on Amazon here!

JJ Cole  Outdoor Blanket,Gray/Green, 5' x 5'

I hope some of these may have helped you or given you a new idea to help make your day easier! I always recommend having some sort of baby carrier (wrap, sling, structured) during all of the baby stages. I still use both my Solly wrap and my Ergo carrier with my now 9 month old. Let me know in the comments below some other must have items for your 6-9 month old and some I should try for the 9-12 month stage!

***Products purchased from the above links will result in a small commission for my blog. Thank you for supporting me and stopping by! 🙂 



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