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Gifts from the kids for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and as I’m getting gift ideas together, I thought about how I was going to incorporate my kids into it. As a kid, my mom always had us make the cutest handmade gifts. I have felt overhwlemed lately trying to meet that standard with something homemade, yet practical. I came up with a list of fairly easy gifts for dad that your kids can make (with help of course)!

  1. Stepping Stone Kit: This idea also given to me by my mother is such a great gift! These look great in the yard or garden and last forever. I had my daughter put the stones all over hers, not in a particular design or style. They have ones with patterns and text, but once we got into it, I just let her put the pieces all over it. She’s two. You understand! 🙂  Get one here from Amazon!

2. Hand Print T-Shirt- Have your kids put their hand and foot prints all over a plain white t-shirt for Dad! Make sure you get paint that won’t wash off, such as fabric paint. Obviously Dad won’t be wearing this out (or maybe he will) but it’s such as cute keepsake and can be used for pictures, or just to wear around the house.

3. Plate or Mug (painted) – These are so cute! There are so many different designs and ways to create these painted plates. I also like these because they will last for years to come and don’t take up any storage.

Image result for father's day plate crafts

4. Photo Book- By going to a site like Shutterfly, you can easily make photo books for Dad, mugs, or any other personalized gifts! Right now, Shutterfly is offering free shipping with a purchase of $10 or more, or 20% off with the code “WINWIN.”

5. Experience: I love handmade gifts from the kids, but an experience is always a good gift! Take the kids and Dad to a fun place like Dave & Buster’s, Top Golf (or mini), or bowling. These are memories that he’ll remember forever.

I hope that some of these ideas gave you some inspiration outside of the traditional gifts we usually get dads! Happy Father’s Day!!




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