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Dollar Tree Haul

Do you spend too much money at Target? I know I do! I have recently started exploring the Dollar Tree to try to save some money. It’s so hard for me to stay home with my kids ALL day without leaving the house. I get cabin fever after a few hours, and head to Target because it’s close, has a Starbucks, and well, it’s Target. Need I say more? But after some reflecting, I seriously need to take a step back, start making LISTS when I need to go there, and seeing where else I can find similar products. I’m happy to say that I found similar products or the exact same ones and had a fun time looking around.

Here are some of my finds at the Dollar Tree that I’ll keep going back for!

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Puzzles and books are a great thing to find at the dollar tree!
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I can’t believe these are each one dollar!
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I was suprised to see these wipes here. I’ve never tried them so I figured “why not” for $1
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Learning supplies. All things preschool! The desk topper will go onto Bailey’s table for our daily learning activities. The phonics and reading book will be used when she’s a bit older (but they were Disney princess so I had to!) and the Letters book we’ll start soon! The white boards were adorable and I know Bailey will have lots of fun with those. Also—those canvas panels—I used those ALL of the time for my kids’ handprints and footprints or gifts for family. I spend so much more on all of these things at Target.
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Bath toys and dixie cups! My kids are obsessed with the rubber duckies and frogs so I had to get more. They now have about 16 of these things!
Birthday supplies–they have princesses, Minnie/Mickey, Frozen, and all the good stuff! Harper’s first birthday party will be Mickey Mouse themed and Bailey’s party will be Minnie Mouse, so I found a few things like napkins and cupcake liners to use! Also, cards and gift bags are so much cheaper and just as nice at the Dollar tree.


I hope you found some ideas for how you can save some money by shopping at the dollar store. My daughter had so much fun exploring all of the goodies. Some other items I bought include bubbles, a salad dressing container, a laundry basket, and two Trolls reusable totes. I spent a total of $32. each item was one dollar. I’m amazed! Let me know what your good finds are at the dollar store!



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