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must-haves for your 9-12 month old

I can’t even believe my son is almost 1. He’s probably our last baby, so it’s extra emotional for me. I will be doing another post on his birth story and first year of life. BUT, for now I’ll spare you the sappiness and get into my favorite things for a 9-12 month old!

  1. Teething toys (still!) I don’t know why I thought by this age my son wouldn’t be chewing on things, but there he is, putting every little thing in his mouth. My daughter didn’t really do this, but I’ve learned that all babies are definitely different. If your baby does drool and chew a lot, keep giving them the toys! We still use our Sophie the Giraffe!61NHHoqjINL._SY679_
  2. Popsicles: I love giving my son sugar free popsicles. I think they definitely help with his sore gums and are great outdoor snacks in the heat of the summer! It’s also hard to keep them away when my 2 year old devours them.35239623_10155889785854633_4723197250765848576_o
  3. Pacifier Clip: I still use the pacifier clip, if not more than ever at this age. The crawling and walking around with furniture means the pacifier are long gone if they’re not attached to him. You can find a cute leather one here at Amazon.They also have some at Target, however they aren’t leather.
  4. High Chair Cover: I use a high chair cover like this one here.I’ve been using it since Harper could sit in the cart, but it’s still one of my favorite things. I keep it in the trunk of my car so it’s easy to grab when we get to the store. Simple but necessary!
  5. Easy to hold snacks: I’ve found club crackers to be the best on the go snack that’s easy to hold. I like Puffs and yogurt melts, but if you’re walking around the store or the baby is in the stroller, they get all over the place. Club crackers, graham crackers, or any other easy to hold snack have been really helpful!
  6. Crawling Tunnel: This has been one of the best toys for this age. My son spends so much time in this tunnel. I throw random toys in it and he rolls around and crawls back and forth. I can’t find many toys to hold his attention, but this one does! You can find one by the awesome Melissa and Doug HERE!
  7. Water Table: I bought a water table for my daughter when she was about 10 months old and we’re still using the same one! My 11 month old son LOVES it. He could stand out there and play in the water for hours…maybe not HOURS, but for a long time in comparison to other toys 🙂 Click here to grab the one I have!

    My darling daughter broke the umbrella, but it does come with one in case you’re interested in buying this one!
  8. Sensory Toys: I’ve handmade a few sensory toys for Harper, like beans and rice in a bag, beads in a tupperware, and paint in a zip-lock. These types of activities keep little ones entertained. The new textures and sounds get them hooked! Blocks, sand (if he doesn’t eat it), water, and even finger painting are all great activities that activate the senses!

What are you favorite products and toys for your 9-12 month old?! Drop a comment and let me know! Thank you for stopping by 🙂



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