Early Learning

Sidewalk Chalk Math Activity

If your child is like mine, they LOVE sidewalk chalk. The brighter colors the better. One thing about my almost 3 year old is that her attention span is very short. I know a lot of parents say that about their kids, but hers is VERY short. I have seen other kids sit and do a puzzle or read a book, and that’s just not her….yet. I look for ways to teach her through play that will keep her engaged.

She loves chalk so much, so instead of just letting her draw random pictures, I decided to make a math activity out of it. This activity is intended for ages 2-4 who are practicing number identification. It can be extended to one-to-one correspondence and number sense when adding the extension.  There are so many ways to practice math outside of the traditional pen and paper. I didn’t have a strong love for math growing up, so I’m trying to make it fun for Bailey at a young age. I hope you enjoy these activities!

Activity 1: Number identification: Draw random numbers (I chose 1-3 because Bailey is just starting) around the driveway. Ask your child to identify the numbers.

Activity 2: One-to-one correspondence: Draw identical shapes and have your child count them. Extend this by having them circle the correct number. I wrote 1, 2, and 3 above the picture and had Bailey choose the correct number. To make it more challenging, give your child a number and have them draw the pictures!

I drew two stars and we talked about how many stars she saw. She was able to count them by herself, but the number identification was where she needed help. We circled 2 together.
Again, she was able to identify that there were three hearts, but needed help circling the 3.
Extend this activity by asking your child to draw 2 circles, 3 hearts, or whatever else. Give them a number and let them draw. This is another way to let them practice number sense.

I hope this gives you an idea of something easy you can do with your child at home! This doesn’t even have to be with chalk! On a rainy day, grab a white board and markers and do the same thing. Coming up, I’ll post some ways you can practice math with foods like macaroni, beans, cereal, and pasta! Let me know your favorite learning activities in the comments below!


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