Early Learning

What’s in our playroom?

If you are lucky enough to have a space for a playroom, it’s amazing! Although the rest of my house still looks like a a toy store, having that extra “special” space has been so amazing. My kids are never bored of the playroom because it’s not something they see all of the time. I also switch things up a lot and add new and fun activities for them to do.

Here are the main areas of our playroom! I do have an art easel and mini trampoline in the bathroom that I bring out when they’re being used!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
This is our chalkboard (currently behind my treadmill) but Bailey loves chalk so this is a great thing for her to have in the playroom especially as she gets older.


Our Learning Station


This is where we do Bailey’s daily calendar and letter/number practice. There’s two books of the week along with coloring activities to go with them. We also practice singing the ABC’s and other songs. She loves using the dry erase markers to write her name.

Reading and Relaxing Corner

Bailey and Harper love hiding in their teepee to read or play with toys. The couch was originally there for me to use when I was nursing Harper or just watching them play. Bailey likes getting cozy when we get to watch movies.

Train Table

The train table is a mess most of the time, because well, Bailey is 3. I secretly have loads of train stuff stuffed under the train table. But the kids love it so much and play with it often. I love the map on the wall that I got from Amazon.

Toy Storage

3D00CA9D-1F1D-4D5B-94B1-43AC570234A8 (1).JPG
The toys aren’t fully organized because I have a 3 year old…and she can reach all the toys. Lol

Honestly, my playroom isn’t that beautiful and doesn’t look like the gorgeous unrealistic (in my opinion) playrooms I see on Instagram. It’s meant for a toddler and a baby and that’s what it’s used for. The kids make a mess and when they’re done playing, things get thrown wherever. We try to keep it as neat as we can, but more importantly, we have activities in the playroom that help the kids thrive and learn.

Our Favorites: 

-train table

-big lego blocks


-chalkboard/whiteboard easel


-basketball hoop


What are you favorite things in your kids’ playroom? If you don’t have a playroom, how do you keep your toys organized? I’m looking for ideas! We’re drowning in toys!!


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