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insTiles Photo App with Discount Code

I have been looking everywhere for AFFORDABLE and easy to mount photo tiles for awhile now. I have stumbled upon a great company that created an app where you can upload your photos right from your phone into the app. It’s easy to use and the photos turn out BEAUTIFUL. I am very picky about wall art in my home and these really added the perfect touch.

It’s such as easy way to turn your photos into beautiful wall art. I have ditched so many picture frames because they clutter my house and don’t look as appealing. The photo tiles are stackable, as well as removable. The best part is, is that they don’t damage your walls! My husband thanked me for that!

Check out how beautiful these tiles turned out and find a 10% discount code at the bottom of the post. If you are not happy with your tiles, insTiles offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I am amazed at how well my iPhone pictures came out. Take a look below and let me know what you think!

Get the insTiles App here!

Here are the tiles, stacked. They are made with a very lightweight material which is awesome!
I am so pleased with the quality of the photos and how well they transferred to the tiles.
Bailey loved helping me hang these and looking back at some of her favorite memories that are now on our wall to see everyday.

IMG-0841IMG-0848IMG-0873IMG-0876IMG-0986IMG-1002 (1)

Make sure you check out this app and get some photos for your home! Use my discount code DARLINGS10 to get 10% off of your order!!

Download the app here!

Find me on Instagram @littledarlingsblog and tag me in your insTiles photos so I can see how great they look in your home!

                                                                                                                                  xo Kayla

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