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Easter Baskets for Toddlers

Easter is coming up and I have made a point to be on my game this year! I’m usually flustering around trying to figure out what I’m going to be getting for the kids. I end up at Target and spend way too much on candy and random toys. This year, I did some more planning and think I’ve got the perfect gifts for both kids!

I really thought about things the kids are into and what they’ll actually use. Instead of filling their baskets up with candy, I picked them out a special treat that I knew they’d love. I thought the butterfly nets and the cage would make sure a fun spring activity that both kids can enjoy. I hope you get some inspiration from these ideas. There’s so many great ideas out there!


  1. Peppa Easter book
  2. Critter Case
  3. Rainbow Peeps
  4. Butterfly Nets
  5. Ballerina Barbie
  6. Princess Tattoos



  1. Butterfly Nets
  2. Easter Book
  3. Easter eggs: anywhere! 🙂
  4. Mickey Mouse
  5. Melissa and Doug Puzzle
  6. Easter Cane
  7. Toy Cars


What are you putting in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? I’d love to hear some more ideas!

xo Kayla

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