Splendid Spoon-A Plant-Based Meal Service $25 off

Meal services are all the rage right now. From Hello Fresh to Blue Apron, they are everywhere and only growing! When I learned about Splendid Spoon ,what caught my eye was the fact that the meals were already done! I didn’t need to worry about cooking which was nice considering it’s just me and my two kids most times. By the time I make their mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets, I haven’t even started on my dinner. This has helped make my breakfasts and lunches so much easier (and healthy!)

Splendid Spoon offers a variety of plans to choose from. They have smoothies for breakfast and soups for lunch as well as a reset option. Everything is customizable and there are tons of flavors to choose from. You can use the smoothies and soups each day or put them in the freezer and spread them out over time. This isn’t a diet or a way of eating. It’s simply healthy and plant-based options that reset your body and give you nutrients with each meal. I like to spread my soups out because I don’t like eating soup every day, but it’s awesome to have it in my freezer for when I’m craving soup (or had an unhealthy meal the day before).

Save $25 off your first order by clicking here!


” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Splendid Spoon Plant-Based Meal Service

You can also type in my referral code DARLINGS during checkout! Let me know how you like Splendid Spoon when you try it! 

The smoothies have been awesome for on the go, busy mornings with my two littles!


These soups are yummy AND filling! I throw the soups right in the freezer when I get them and then thaw them out the day before I want to eat them.
I love how each smoothie has the ingredients listed right on the bottle. There’s never any added sugars!

Don’t forget to use the link above to get your $50 off! You can use Splendid Spoon however you like. Some like to get it every week while others get it monthly. Let me know how you like it when you give it a try! Thanks guys!

xo Kayla


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