Bobo’s Bakery Review with Discount

My kids are starting preschool this fall and I have been on the hunt for healthy and wholesome snacks! I reached out to Bobo’s bakery in hopes to collaborate and thankfully, they agreed! I want to give my honest opinion about their snacks and give you some scoop on what they’re all about!

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Bobo’s Bakery, which you can find HERE started off as a mother-daughter tradition in 2003, just making oat bars at home. They have expanded and now have SO many options to choose from that are gluten free, vegan, GMO free, soy free, and kosher. They are made with 100% organic whole grain oats. Their website is super easy to maneuver and find out what product would be best for you! You can click, “endurance athletics,” “protein packed”, “healthy kids snacks,” and so much more. The packaging is adorable as well!

When we got our shipment, it included oat bars, oat bites, and toaster pastries. My son has already eaten most of the oat bars! They are so easy to throw in the diaper bag and pull out as an easy healthy snack. They’re also very filling which is super nice! As my kids get older I am starting to think more and more about what I’m putting in their bodies and how important it is that they have the best ingredients in their foods.

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Toaster Pastries

My favorite one that I tried was the chocolate almond butter protein pastry! I love anything that gets me some extra protein. My kids loved the lemon poppyseed one!


Oat Bites!

The oat bites were so good! We tried the apply pie stuffed oat bites and they were delicious and the perfect size! They’re a mini version of the oat bars so it’s perfect for a light snack or addition to lunch.


Oat Bars

The oat bars were so good and filling! We tried the original, chocolate chip, and coconut.  I am dying to try the maple pecan and cinnamon raisin ones! They offer variety packs if you want to get a few different flavors in one box!


I’ve also seen posts on Instagram where people used the bars to make crusts and do other unique things with them! I am so excited to share this awesome company with you! Please use the discount code to save yourself some money! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions!


xo Kayla

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