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Self-Care with Head & Shoulders

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for self-care! Now that I can’t get out to get my hair or nails done, my bathroom has become my sanctuary! I love trying new hair products and Head & Shoulders Supreme Scalp Care did not disappoint. I decided to partner with them for this blog post because they create great products, and I only share the things that I really love!

In the winter months, I feel that my hair gets dry and causes my scalp to flake. This combo of shampoo and conditioner not only smells amazing, but it’s got great benefits for your hair and scalp. I mean—before this, I didn’t even think about “scalp care!”

I love getting out of the shower and feeling silky smooth hair. Many of us need that extra nourishment and this is a perfect way to practice self-care. I will post the link below and you can get the set right from Amazon. Let me know if you do, and head to my Instagram @kayla.rae.nelson to see my IG stories all about this shampoo and conditioner set!

This product works to calm stressed out skin and restore its natural, healthy balance – giving the scalp a natural boost and unlocking the best version of your scalp and hair. It’s made with argan oil and jojoba oil, and free from phosphates, parabens, phthalates, and dyes. 



Before learning about Head & Shoulders, I had thought it was just for people with dandruff. But we ALL need a nourished and hydrated scalp! The other day I called my mom and said, ” MOM WHAT IS THIS DRY FLAKY STUFF ON MY HEAD?” I about freaked. Since using this shampoo and conditioner, I have not seen any of it! Thank you Head & Shoulders! 


How do you practice self-care? Have you tried Head & Shoulders? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to visit me on Instagram and YouTube Channel!

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***This is a sponsored post***

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