Free To-Do List Printables

Hey friends! I have been getting so consumed by everything on my plate that my anxiety is starting to kick in. I recently created a “to-do list” to help me stay motivated and organized. I am a full-time teacher, mom, wife, blogger, and getting into YouTube. It’s been a challenge to organize everything on my plate, so to-do lists have been a life saver for me.

To-Do lists are great ways to keep your tasks organized and priorities set. I hope these printables help you and if you use them, let me know! I’d love to see them in use! Tag me in your stories so I can see them @kayla.rae.nelson.

You can download the template right here.  You should also be able to click and print the images below. Let me know if you have any issues downloading and printing these!


Untitled design

Copy of Untitled Design

I hope these were helpful. Don’t forget to tag me in your IG stories if you download and use them! Check out my YouTube Channel to see my most recent videos 🙂

Untitled design (3)

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