10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy!

There's a pandemic going on right now. It's scary. Our kids are so innocent and they really have no idea what's going on, nor should they. Our job is to keep them busy, educated, and entertained while quarantined! You may or may not be quarantining yourself, but schools are closing all around the country. I… Continue reading 10 Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy!

Mom Hacks & Money Saving

Litter Robot-Never Scoop Litter Again!

I have found something that I seriously thought was too good to be's called a litter robot. It's a litter box that literally does ALL of the work for you. I knew when I got a kitten I'd have to deal with the litter box (which I dreaded) so when Litter Robot sent me this… Continue reading Litter Robot-Never Scoop Litter Again!