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Huckleberry Sleep App Review

Hello everyone! I am so excited to have partnered up with Huckleberry to let you in on some baby sleep secrets! My kids DO NOT sleep well. Both have co-slept with me from pretty much the beginning. I said to myself that my second baby was not sleeping in my bed. That didn’t last long, obviously. I reached out to Huckleberry to discuss Harper’s sleep patterns and help me figure out how to have a better sleeper! He is an 11 month old, breast fed baby boy, who started sleeping in his crib fairly well, with many wake-ups. He slowly started creeping into my bed because the fatigue got the best of me. I want him to sleep in his own bed! Huckleberry to the rescue!

What is Huckleberry?

Huckleberry is an app that you use to track your baby’s sleep patterns. After logging 3 days of sleep, you are given an analysis with findings. It’s very long and in depth, which I find amazing! Every analysis and plan is created by the unique Huckleberry method. The algorithms, developed by Ph.D.’s in data science, analyze the data and catch things that even a human might miss. Then, one of the experienced pediatric sleep experts reviews the sleep logs and questionnaire responses to tailor a plan to your needs–all without crying-it-out. The Huckleberry app and SweetSpot “tired, but not overtired” predictions are free!  You can subscribe to have the sleep experts and algorithms analyze your data and provide personal guidance, which is what I did!

My Experience

I had a great experience with Huckleberry. I began the process with answering the questionnaire all about my baby. I was pleasantly surprised at the questions and the choices of options. For example, one question went something like this: “Why does your baby wake at night?” There were so many options to choose from, all to tailor to your specific child and needs. I could also click more than one, so I clicked “needs pacifier, needs comfort, and wants to be in mom’s bed.” I felt like Huckleberry knew me and what answers I needed there!

After the detailed questionnaire, I began logging Harper’s sleep. It was a bit challenging at first because I would forget to start the timer or stop it. I did love the fact that the app lets you identify how you child went to sleep, whether it was by co-sleeping, standing next to the baby, in the car, nursing, etc. It also let you choose the mood of the baby when they fell asleep and woke up. This is all crucial information that helped my unique analysis! After 3 days of logging, I hit the analysis button! I was ready to see this complex situation.



When I got the notification that my analysis was ready, I was so excited! I pulled it up and was stunned with how much information there was. It was so specific to Harper, that I knew it took a lot of time from the professionals to dissect why he was waking, how he was feeling, when he should be sleeping, and how long he should be sleeping. I read the analysis, the recommended sleep schedule, and then the week-by-week instructions for adjusting Harper’s sleep to help him become a better and happier sleeper.

here was also an “additional notes” section with provided me with more information about pacifier use, tips for breaking a crying fit, consistency, travel, and sleep regression. I spend so much time googling all of this information and it feels like such a relief to have it all in one spot, specific to my child’s needs.

Huckleberry suggested that I adjust Harper’s schedule, slightly. It has been difficult for me to get him to stay up until 7 to 7:30, but I’ve been working on it. He doesn’t wake up at the same time consistently, and if that happens to your kids, it’s okay to adjust!

The first week of tackling Harper’s sleep issues included changing the schedule, increasing calories during the day, incorporating daytime activities to relieve anxiety, and a few other things. Within each “activity,” there’s MORE information. If a question popped up in my head about this, it was in the app. I’m telling you!

Weeks 2 and 3 focused on working on the way Harper falls asleep at night. Weeks 4 and 5 focus on night weaning and reducing night wakings. Week 6 continues the tips for reducing or eliminating the wakings if they’re continuing at that point.

These tips work for my particular child and his sleeping patterns. Make sure to download the app (link below) and get started to see how you can help YOUR child become a better and happier sleeper!

Snapseed (1)

I plan on starting the 6 week plan to get my son’s sleep back on track! I will update with my results. In the meantime, if you’d like to try out Huckleberry sleep, download the app via iOS or Android and get started!

Get the app HERE!


4 thoughts on “Huckleberry Sleep App Review

    1. Hello Abby! After I complete the first few weeks I stopped using the app because my son started sleeping through the night 🙂


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