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My Birth Story: C-Section

In honor of my daughter’s third birthday, I’m going to finally write down her birth story. Surprisingly, I haven’t done this but I still remember almost every detail like it was yesterday. I had some great moments and some things I wish were differently. Let me know in the comments below about your experience.

It was in the heat of the summer and I was due on July 20th. July 25th came around and still, no baby. My doctor sent me in for an NST (Non-stress test) and then I left the hospital. They told me my fluid was getting low, but not to worry. A couple hours later, my OB calls me and asks me to come back in to the hospital. He wanted to check the fluid himself and do an ultrasound.

The doc said it’s time to stay and try to get this baby out so I called the husband and he rushed from work with his hands full! 🙂

He told me that my fluid was getting low, the the point that he thinks we should start induction. As a first time mom, I just thought “sure, doctor whatever you say.” We began induction by inserting cervidil because I was not dilated or effaced whatsoever. This was already a clue to how this induction was going to go. I spent the night letting the cervidil do its magic. I woke up, was given pitocin and the contractions began. I have never felt anything like it, so all I can describe it as, is pure misery. The painful contractions didn’t last long because I got the epidural shortly after (with my son I dealt with them for days so click here to read about my VBAC story).

I spent all day on the 26th just laying there waiting for some sort of dilation. That evening, the doctor came in and told me that there was still no progress, and because my fluid was getting lower, a c-section was a good option. My other option would be to wait another day, however my body wasn’t dilating and I didn’t have that much time due to the fluid.

So I said, “sure let’s do it.” I was just ready to meet my daughter at that point. It almost seemed unreal until my husband got his scrubs on and I was moved like a beach whale to the operating table. I started crying because I was scared, but probably because I felt drugged up. I swear I could see them life my daughter up over the blue drape, however my husband says that I didn’t. After they showed her to me, I looked at her and kept trying to keep my eyes open. I was so tired. The drugs were making it hard for me to stay awake, so I fell asleep. I. fell. asleep. I was so upset by this. I slept for an hour while my husband took my daughter to the nursery and my whole family looked in the window to see her. I was just sad because I wanted to be the first one to see her, and I really didn’t get to at that point.

My doctor came in and peeked his head in and said, “someone wants to see you.” And I knew it was my girl. I was so excited to see her and hold her. Although I didn’t get to hold her during her first minutes of life, I was just glad to finally have her in my arms. C-section or not, it was worth it and I had a healthy baby. I really couldn’t ask for more.

Recovery: A c-section is a major abdominal surgery so it was SORE and took me awhile to heal. I honestly didn’t even look at the scar for a couple weeks because I was afraid of how terrifying it looked. Fast forward to now and I can barely see the scar. Would I do a c-section over again? If it was a matter of getting the baby out healthy than YES. I did prefer my VBAC and I felt it was much more intimate and emotional so make sure to read about that here.

Drop a comment and tell me your birth story? How did your c-section or VBAC go? 


Again, thanks for reading and joining me on this blogging journey!


2 thoughts on “My Birth Story: C-Section

  1. Aww, congratulations! I was put under with my last baby (after two failed spinals) so I know how it feels to miss those early moments. ((hugs)) I’m still processing how I feel about it but more than anything I am thankful that she’s okay. 🙂
    Btw, how do you look so beautiful going into the induction process and just following the birth?!

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  2. Valerie, Since I knew I was being induced, I had my mom bring my hair curler and make up! haha Before the pain began I got all prepped! 🙂 Thank you!!!


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