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Kidlo App Review

I absolutely love a good educational app for my daughter! Bailey loves playing on her tablet and although I limit the amount of time she spends on it, it’s great to know that there are good apps for kids out there. Kidlo contacted me and asked if I’d try out some of their apps! They have several different apps, depending on your kids’ interests and age.
I put the app on my phone at first so I could check it out first. Bailey was obsessed with it so I finally downloaded it on her Kindle. I wanted my phone back! Bailey really loved playing the “odd one out” game where she had to choose the image that was unlike the others. She also liked using shapes to create pictures. The app is easy to use and Bailey, who is 3, can choose activities and games on her own.


Head over to Kidlo to check out their site. The links for the apps are seen below.


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For iOS:
1) KidloLand: Kids Nursery Rhymes: This app is an award-winning app for kids with 1000+ Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Games, and Stories. It was featured by Google Play as the ‘Best App for Kids’ in 2016 & is also a recipient of Mom’s Choice Gold Award.
**Bailey really loved this one. She liked picking nursery rhymes to listen to, like “Yankee Doodle” and “Bingo.” She also liked the stories and the story games. In the app, you can choose to see what’s “featured” or you can browse by category. Below is one of the shape activities that Bailey liked playing. Each one of the squares is a different activity!
2) Baby Puzzles & Toddler Games:  This app has 700+ interactive games which will boost cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and imagination.
**Bailey also loved this one, which was more interactive. This one has games such as “off one out,” “sorting,” “dress up,” and so many more. She could spend hours on this app.
3) English Learning for Kids: An English learning program for kids in Pre-K & K with 500+ Songs, Games, Activities & Stories.
4) Kindergarten Kids Math Games : This app is a comprehensive math learning program for kids in Pre-K & K filled with exciting games & interactive songs. It has won the 2018 Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award as well.
For Android:
I really hope this is helpful for moms and dads out there who are looking for some great apps for their kids. Let me know what your favorite kids apps are in the comments below!

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